A chat with Time Warner

I did it. I broke down and called the sales office. Did you ever notice how much faster they answer the phone for sales than repair?

The saleswoman was very pleasant and knowledgeable. She wasn’t at all high pressure, and I appreciated that. Let me start by saying that I’ve had really reliable service from the basic plus cable setup we buy. I’ve been a RoadRunner customer since the week we were eligible and it’s been very reliable. It’s also super fast and supports everything we throw at it. When the boys are home, it’s not uncommon to have all five of us sucking up bandwidth including one heavy gamer and one downloading huge files. In contrast, though, we aren’t big TV watchers. No HD, or TIVO, DVR, etc. We also have two phone lines to the house. (One is a security blanket for the spouse who likes to work from home sometimes.)

Pricing 2 phone lines with all the goodies and unlimited long distance, digital cable with 130 channels more than we get now, and RoadRunner is 175.27. If we dropped one of the phone lines the Time Warner Package would be $30 less. Right now using a combination of AT&T, MCI and Time Warner’s first tier cable and RoadRunner it’s 172.72 plus MCI of about $10 each month.

Easy decision, right? Nope, not here. The money is about the same, but I’m a little scared of going to digital phone. I was interested in the fact that Time Warner has always had 911 services – it’s Vonage that didn’t. Oh, and if I switched I would get 6 months of Showtime for free. I’m going to think on it.

I could call AT&T to see what they offer. I know they just laid fiber here. I’m not wild about going to DSL, though.


  1. AT7T does offer a very high speed DSL, but you have to battle with them to get the speed they say you will get. It took me 8 calls wading through all the liars until I finally got a guy that said, “They’re lying to you. Let me change it for you. Now, try it.”

    And that was that! With cable you will get the high speed period….I think. :0

  2. Holy crap, Cindy!

    $175/mo for basic cable, 2 phone lines, and Road Runner!?

    Sorry, but that’s a bit appalling by TWC to charge that much.

    My home has TWC digital 1000 +HBO, 2 receivers, 1 DVR, 3 remotes, and digital phone for only $93.

    Yes, my family can be quite silly. We have Directv for the HDTVs and cable for the upstairs. Please don’t ask me why…

    Road Runner is paid for by work, sooo I guess we can’t toss that in there. But still, $175 for what you have is extremely expensive, especially since you don’t even have digital!

  3. Whoops! Sorry, I didn’t see that you were going digital up there. Good for you!

    Even so, that’s a ton of money.

  4. BrkfldDad says:

    Greg – you aren’t in your first year with that price on the TWC package are you? If so, you have a nasty surprise coming at month 13. I have TWC Digital (one box, one remote) and RoadRunner. Total of $114/mo. Digital phone runs about $30/mo for unlimited calling, so $175 is right in TWCs range. Now, if you are a new customer, you the one phone line package deal for $99/mo, but then it goes up quick.

  5. Cindy,
    Good luck with you’re decision. We switched from DSL because the reliability and service was HORRIBLE. I love road runner, and am generally happy with Time Warner Cable, but we also don’t have HDTV, and it’s not a big priority at the moment. We have the digital phone, but power outages are rare where we live in Franklin. Since we have three cell phones in the family, I figure if the power goes out we should most likely still have cell coverage.

  6. BrkfldDad says:

    If you call AT&T about DSL, ask them if they will guarantee the speed for you. I don’t know the whole story but I believe they call them switches. The further you are from a main switch, the more the DSL degrades. Just last year they couldn’t guarantee me much more than dial up speed, I needed to be within 600 meters (I think) of a switch and I was 1200 meters away.

  7. Kelly Frank says:

    Cindy, those kinds of charges by TWC are exactly why we switched to AT&T U-Verse. The UVerse system is different than what El Gato mentions. If you check out http://www.uverse.att.com and put in your address, you should be able to identify whether the service is available in your neighborhood or not. The equipment may be around, but they need to have turned the box on for service to be available. If it is available, you can check online the costs for the services that you’d want.

    We are extremely pleased with the switch and Dave was happy as a clam when he turned in all of our TWC equipment to the Mayfair location and cancelled our service!!

    In our neighborhood, phone is not yet available as part of U-Verse, so we do phone separately, but our bill is $89 +taxes for the U200 TV package, HD service, the mid level internet (I think they call it Pro). Our phone is through AT&T call vantage (their digital phone option) and is $19.95+taxes.

    If this is available in your neighborhood, it comes HIGHLY recommended from the Frank household.

  8. BrkfldDad,

    Nope. The parents were TWC customers since I was 5.

    I wish I knew why our rates are so much different than others, but oh well. I’m guessing when you put in the RoadRunner our rate would shoot up another $45 – getting us to around $140.

    Wow – who would’ve thought TWC could get so much money for the service they provide.

    Hey Tara, you know TWC has cell phone service now too!

  9. No U-verse available for me 🙁 It does help even more to decide to wait, though. Maybe it will be an option soon.

    In the meantime I can watch American Idol tonight, maybe see the elusive Uncle Hadley, and not have ghosting issues thanks to BrkfldDad.

  10. BrkfldDad says:

    Well, at least you won’t see Uncle Hadley’s ghost!

  11. Wilson828 says:

    I use Att uverse. It’s superior in every way – period. I use Vonage which works with Att uverse perfectly. I get 911 service with Vonage. Life without Time Warner is really quite excellent. Unlike Roadrunner broadband, where the signal is not constant and not fast, I get consistent and steady fast service. TV is excellent. I’m so happy you have no idea. If you can get Att uverse, get it.

  12. We have had horrible experiences with TWC. They ripped up our yard to lay new cable that was laid to the wrong box so they ripped it up again.

    It was one of many shitty things they have done to us. But they’re the best. Pretty sad, actually.