A minor geek moment

I went to SpeedTest.net and tested my internet connection. I was 6486 for download and 481 for upload. It’s 80% faster for download that most of the connections globally; 71% in the U.S.

I do a lot of uploading, though, with the blog and all. I think that’s limited to 512, but I’m not sure.

All in all, it’s ok.


  1. I ran mine and I’m at 2153 up and 414 down. AT&T DSL $24.95 per month. Remember that I persisted to get my speed up with the turkeys that you get on the phone. I finally got a real tech who knew what to do.

  2. Heh….my download was “only” 4479 kb/s, but my upload speed was 976 kb/s.

  3. huh. no clue what it all means – i download and upload ‘fast enough’ for me

    4610 kb/s download

    460 kb/s upload

  4. Well, Zach, that blows my 512 upload theory. May have to check on that.