Mayor Jeff Speaker: This is your wakeup call

Waukesha County combined dispatch has been a source of controversy in Brookfield for the last year or so. Several months ago 2nd district Alderman Bob Reddin asked for the service from the center to be reviewed. There have been ongoing complaints from the community and fire/police services that the call center isn’t up to snuff. It’s my understanding that there are primarily training/personnel problems, not equipment difficulties.

A report was given, but the minutes have not been made public- I had to ask for a copy. The mayor put together a commission that has yet to report. Then, the Director of All Things Dean Marquardt (this time acting as Director of Who Knows What?) told the press that everything is all better now because Waukesha County is supposed to throw another $2 million into equipment. Marquardt is fully invested in the success of the center since he convinced City of Brookfield Aldermen, including me at the time, to vote for the consolidation because it would save Brookfield hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even after the increase in county taxes, it was supposed to be a net savings. No one will share the numbers to verify that claim.

It matters now more than ever. The Dane County dispatch unit is dealing with the reality that they blew it, and it may have cost a woman her life.

Speaker, you’ve stashed money every year of your term to elected office. It’s time to spend it to get the job done right. Brookfield is struggling because our quality of life has decreased as taxes have increased. Maybe it’s time to let go of the piggy bank and invest in Brookfield’s future. If you or your staff convinced the Council to make a decision that isn’t working, own up to it. Give us something for our money.

Excellent 911 dispatch service will be a great place to start.


  1. Driver says:

    It’s time to get Brookfield out of the County Dispatch system. I have called 911 three times while in the City of Brookfield, one of which was a few years ago for a neighbor, where the dispatcher was wonderful and medical crews arrived within minutes.

    The second time, I called police after someone ran over a street sign and my neighbors mailbox, and an officer arrived in less than 2 minutes.

    The third time was after the switch to WCC and it was for a medical emergency. I could SEE the CBFD station out the window when I called. The County dispatcher was horribly unpleasant and I asked for the Brookfield services and she said “I will contact them but you need to give me the address of your location so I can send the appropriate municipal service.” I was in a public area- I did not know the address! She refused to send someone until she knew the exact nature of my emergency, who I was, and my location, even though they have enhanced 911 activated. (and I was calling from a land line). She was rude and unpleasant, and the last time you’d want to hear a snide or non-reassuring voice is when you’re calling 911.

    It took ten minutes before the fire department arrived. I was disgusted.

    That’s my rant.