Brookfield Council appointments are in

1. Committee Appointments –

a. Common Council Standing Committee Appointments: Requiring Council Confirmation

1. Appointments by Common Council President: Requiring Council Confirmation

a. Information Technology Subcommittee: Christopher Blackburn; Jerry Mellone
b. Board of Public Works: Rick Owen, Chairman; Christopher Blackburn; Lisa Mellone; Steve Ponto; Bob Reddin (Aldermanic alternate)
c. Water and Sewer Board: Christopher Blackburn, Chairman; Bill Carnell; Scott Berg; Jerry Mellone; Renee Lowerr

2. Appointments by Mayor:

a. Board of Public Works: Scott Berg (Mayor’s alternate)

3. Appointment of Mark Nelson, Council President, to the Finance Committee (a simple majority vote required for the membership appointment.)

b. Mayor’s and Council President’s Aldermanic Appointments to Boards and Commissions:
Requiring Council Confirmation

1. Mayor’s Appointments:

a. Board of Appeals: Jerry Mellone (alternate), Dan Sutton (alternate)
b. Board of Review: Bill Carnell, Renee Lowerr
c. Community Development Authority: Bob Reddin
d. Economic Development Committee: Jim Garvens
e. Library Board: Christopher Blackburn
f. Plan Commission: Mark Nelson

2. Council President’s Appointments:

a. Ethics Board – Christopher Blackburn
b. Plan Commission: Gary Mahkorn, Rick Owen

c. Appointments by Council President – not requiring Council confirmation – For Information Only

1. Finance Committee: Scott Berg, Chairman; Jim Garvens; Bob Reddin; Dan Sutton; Jerry Mellone; Lisa Mellone (ed.note: also Mark Nelson)
2. Forestation Committee: Ron Balzer, Chairman; Lisa Mellone; Bill Carnell; Renee Lowerr; Jerry Mellone
3. Human Resources & Public Safety Committee: Gary Mahkorn, Chairman; Dan Sutton; Bob Reddin; Ron Balzer; Jim Garvens
4. Legislative & Licensing Committee: Steve Ponto, Chairman; Gary Mahkorn; Rick Owen; Ron Balzer; Bill Carnell
5. School Board Liaison: Lisa Mellone
6. Park & Recreation Commission: Lisa Mellone
7. Wilson Center for the Arts Board: Gary Mahkorn

d. Appointments by Mayor – not requiring Council confirmation – For Information Only

1. Greenway Corridor Committee: Jim Garvens, Renee Lowerr
2. Police & Fire Commission liaison: Dan Sutton

Winners and Losers: I will NOT talk about that until appointments are firm after Tuesday nights meeting. In fact, I’m blocking comments on this one for now. Other comments are still on.