CNN says Indiana too close to call

But, Ms. Clinton is giving her acceptance speech on that channel as I write. Bill has his trademark “bad boy” smile goin’ on in the background.

North Carolina looks to be a strong win for Mr. Obama.

Truthfully? I think Hillary Clinton would have lost Indiana had all those Republicans not crossed over as Democrats to vote in this primary.


  1. Kathryn says:

    So would that cross-over be because they think he is the more ‘beatable’ candidate, or because he is more palatable than Hil if the dems win?

  2. Kathryn says:

    Scratch that. Is Hil more attractive or more vulnerable to McCain in the fall?

  3. It’s because Hillary is more beatable.

    Obama is the only person who won the night. Not Limbaugh, not McCain, not Hillary, not Karl Rove.

    Anyone who says otherwise is spinning.

  4. Kathryn, it’s because Clinton is not Obama. It keeps the stage filled with two candidates. That’s why Republicans crossed over.

  5. Lucky Lady says:

    I think Operation Chaos is working because the candidates have had to spend all of their money in the primary. It is also working because we have gotten a lot more information about Obama’s 20 years in that church. We’ve seen he isn’t the bright and shining leader he first seemed to be.

    Bill looked like a red-faced drunk behind Hil. Has someone told him to shut up and smile?

  6. El gato says:

    The Clintons seem to think they are entitled to the black vote, but it’s obvious that blacks are going to vote for a black person no matter what. Obama will have to depend on blacks, the diehard Dems, and the naive kids for votes. I don’t believe in the general election that blue collar white voters are going to vote for him. The problem for the Republicans is that McCain is not a very good candidate for conservatives. He’s Bob Dole all over again. He’s going to need a very appealing running mate…and not Condi!

    My attitude is we will deserve what we allow ourselves to get. A bigger problem is the Democratic controlled Congress.

  7. Gato, you’re spot on again. Except for the naive part. Or bluecollar workers.

  8. Leapin says:

    I believe Shawn must be referring to naïve blue collar workers. After all the union votes dem robotically. It must be because of all the jobs the dems and the unions have saved from leaving the country.

  9. No Leapin, they are probably voting for corporate Republicans whose only concern is the bottom line–which includes shipping jobs to Bangkok and Tijuana.

  10. Lucky Lady says:

    Does it ever occur to Dems that the jobs are moving to Bangkok and Tijuana because of the taxes imposed by Democrats to pay for all the entitlements? All stockholders benefit from a healthy bottom line. Both blue- and white-collar workers benefit from jobs staying in the U.S. Dems should stop driving the jobs out of state and nation.

  11. As Repub leadership raised spending exponentially over the past years, right?

  12. Bush is a liberal spender. We need good fiscal conservatives don’t you think ?

  13. Kathryn says:

    As a former Detroiter, I’d have to say wages and benefits are a factor also. For many years, a job on an auto assembly line payed better than a job with IBM and included great medical benefits, vacation time, and pension coverage. A forklift driver could make more than an engineer with a PhD. The problem with our plants in Mexico was that workers quit regularly; even at lower wages they made enough in several months to take several months off, and they did.

    Now Chinese factories are closing because the jobs are being relocated to Viet Nam. Presumably it will all even out eventually, but it’s going to hurt until then.

  14. BrkfldDad says:

    Wait, you mean bloated union wages and high business taxes may be sending jobs out of state and out of country… I am shocked NOT!