Dinner on the deck

It’s been a very mild spring so far. To celebrate the season, we had dinner on the deck.

One of the most glorious things about the house we bought almost fourteen years ago is the way it sits. Our builders – the Mierow team that includes Harry, Jeff and Dave – situated the house perfectly on the property for all the seasons. (Jeff says it’s his dad Harry’s doing.) The back deck is perfectly protected to catch the morning sun without any breeze. It also is a shady place to enjoy dinner. We eat “out” as often as possible during the summer. It’s a fine rhythm of teamwork getting the dishes and glasses back inside after dinner. The large round table easily accommodates extra diners.

It’s also where I was sitting tonight as the youngest flew (at the speed limit!) solo down the entrance street to the subdivision. Top down, hair blowing in the wind, I realized it doesn’t get much better than this.

I’m off to book club after doing the dishes (ok, somethings are yours forever…) and will be back later tonight as the pundits play with the Democratic primary results.