I think I saw my future tonight

I’ll try to get it into words by next week. It’s nothing I would have ever expected, but I think it could actually happen.

So what about you? Time for a change?


  1. Lucky Lady says:

    10:06 p.m. is too early to have decided on a career change to astromonical photography. Was the inspiration from something you saw at the night-time sky viewing or did you see something on the 10:00 o’clock news? Don’t quit your day job! I’d miss your blog!

  2. Lucky Lady says:

    Oh, I thought the sky viewing at the Astronomical Society was last night, I was wrong. So it’s not astronomical photography, what is it???

  3. El gato says:

    I already know MY future and it’s pretty darn wonderful!

  4. El gato says:

    HOGs don’t but I will!