John Edwards endorses Obama

Now that a finish is eminent, the guy decides to take some risk!

Cindy —

I have some very exciting news.

My good friend John Edwards is endorsing our campaign and joining our movement for change.

We’re here in Grand Rapids, Michigan — and if you receive this message in time, you can probably turn on your TV and be part of the moment.

I’m deeply honored by John’s support. He is a true leader who dedicated his career to improving the lives of ordinary Americans.

John ran a strong, principled campaign for president, focusing on a number of important issues where we share common ground — universal health care, bringing our troops home from Iraq, and eliminating poverty in America.

The way he ran his campaign was also important. He ran in a way that reflected our shared conviction that we need to fundamentally change politics.

Like our campaign, John’s campaign never accepted donations from Washington lobbyists or special interest PACs.

Let’s welcome John Edwards to the campaign with an outpouring of the kind of grassroots support that is bringing our political process back to the people.

Make a donation of whatever you can afford now, and if you choose, include your own note to Senator Edwards. I’ll make sure he gets them:

Thank you for all that you’re doing,


Barack? He signs his announcement Barack? I wonder if this guy will appeal to the grown ups that are voting for Clinton, or will they all cross the aisle and shake hands with Mr. McCain?


  1. Dave Frank says:

    Yeah, he really went out on a limb. Thanks for jumping on the bandwagon now John. That being said, this is simply further evidence that Hillary is circling the drain. As for the “grown ups” supporting Hillary, I suspect a significant number will end up supporting McCain. But will it be enough is the real question. My guess is no.

  2. Cindy, the Obama campaign has had Edwards in the bag–for at least a week. They strategically announced his endorsement after the WV primary.

    I don’t think he’s jumping on the bandwagon. If you’ve watched this race you’d know that Edwards is an Obama supporter. And last week he laid some hints he was supporting Barack.

    That being said, I think it doesn’t do much other than to tell other party leaders to give the little Hillary-engine-that-was-supposed-to the final blow.

  3. Oh, and this is a SUPPORTER e-mail, which isn’t intended for someone who infiltrates rival camps (you).

    And I find it hysterical that you’re trying to make a talking points argument about old people flocking to McCain (Retirement homes are like big flocks of old people, right?), I doubt the way the guy signs his name on an email sent to his SUPPORTERS is going to change their mind.

    Cindy, you’re great at over analyzing things sometimes.

  4. Shawn, if you want you can sign up for McCain e-mails. That might make you feel better. I just posted what was sent.

    I agree that the announcement was strategic after Obama’s enormous loss in WV.

    Your retirement home comment is just odd.

    It throws me a bit to see how emotional this candidate makes you. I’ve never seen this side of your personality.

  5. mary beth says:

    Infiltrating rival campaigns? Please. The Obama supporters get so emotional anytime tough questions are asked of this guy. He has been given a free pass time and time again. Be prepared Shawn when he is up against McCain tough questions will be asked of this guy and he will be expected answer them.

    Signing it Barack just shows how casual this guy is. They showed footage of him introducing Edwards and he actually told the crowd “lets give it up for John Edwards” That just struck me as odd and shows his inexperience in the political world. Being a mature adult and behaving like one doesn’t mean a retirement home. I am 35 years old and I expect more out of my leader than the casualness that he is showing. To me it comes across as a lack of respect as to just what an honor this actually is.

  6. Dave Frank says:

    I all will say about Edwards is that his endorsement would have been helpful before Super Tuesday. Every day that passed since then made it less relevant in my view.

    As for Senator Obama signing his name “Barrack” in a supporter email does not show his inexperience or lack of maturity. It shows he has one heck of a fundraising staff, because that is all that email is.

    Also, there seems to be a lot of saber rattling in the Republican camp about “just wait till we really get at him.” But they have already started that process in the congressional races and it hasn’t worked too well yet. Case in point Mississippi the other day.

  7. Dave Frank says:

    Yeah, I mispelled Barack. I need another cup of coffee.

  8. On the topic of being emotional: I am. I know it’s hard to get excited for a lackluster candidate with strong ties to lobbyists, who outright LIES about stuff including who he voted for president in 2000. Someone who was born with a silver spoon, who favors melting it down into a silver bullet.

    On the other hand, there is a guy who has a story similar to my own, comes from a place similar to my own, has a passion that is similar to my own, and wants to do the same things as myself. That is something to be emotional about–when the choice is so clear.

    A vote for Obama, ultimately, will save someone’s life. If not a civilian who didn’t have health care coverage, or one of the four thousand soldiers who have died in Iraq. Or one of the half million Iraqi civilians.

    How do you save a life? Get emotional and vote against warmongering and rationalization of poverty and atrocity.

    In sum, I apologize for actually liking my candidate.

  9. Maggie Milhouse says:

    Shawn brings up the issue that concerns me about this campaign. The Obama supporters are very emotional about their candidate. They love him, want to see the guy elected and tend to overlook things that bother a lot of us.

    I am a conservative and this worries me because I don’t think conservatives have the same passion for McCain. Honestly he is on the ticket and in my party so I will vote for him. Can I say I love the guy or am particualarly impressed with his record aside from his war service? Not really. Makes me worry that Obama may stand a better chance of beating McCain than I once thought.

  10. Shawn,
    I really don’t have a horse in this race, what is it about Barack that moves you? Mostly what I see is anti establishment (Bush/republican) posts when the subject comes up.

    I remember your posting defending socialistic views from BROOKFILEDNOW but what is it about this candidate? I kind of liked him awhile ago but now he is seeming pretty flat to me.

    When the topic comes up and I am curious as to why you feel emotional, you pile on the talking points. I am just trying to learn…

  11. And sorry to the grammar police amongst us, the previous post looked good in the small box. Just add your punctuation as you see fit as you read it.

  12. Lucky Lady says:

    McCain might have “strong ties to lobbyists” but Obama has strong ties to MARXISTS! I’m very concerned about that.

  13. The difference is the Marxists aren’t paid employees of Obama’s campaign. They just endorsed him.

    Nice try.

  14. Lucky Lady says:

    Try searching “Obama and Marxism” and you’ll find that Obama endorses Marxism. Obama even has a link to his website there so you can join his campaign. Check out “The Marxism Studied by Barack Obama” for starters. He is a follower of Saul Alinsky, the founder of Industrial Areas Foundation. Obama worked for this group for years.

  15. That is ridiculous.

  16. BrkfldDad says:

    It’s is kind of funny what you find. I don’t believe he’s a Marxist, but would consider him a Socialist. His ties to DSA, SI and others are pretty clear. I think he’s got more to deal with with Khalidi, Rezko and Ayers. This political infighting between the Obama and Clinton camps, has allowed those issues to remain dormant. Under normal circumstances, you could have expected both Republican and Democratic negative campaigns to have been in full force by now, giving both candidates plenty of time to respond. Fortunately or unfortunately for Obama, he’s going to get ‘swift-boated’ late in the campaign and it’ll be harder to recover.

    Franky, while I vote mostly Republican, but remain independant, I find this race to be the lessor of two evils. While I am not a ravenous McCain fan, Obama’s near non-existant track record of significant public service has me too nervous.

  17. Kathryn says:

    BD, can you elaborate on the socialism aspect? Back in the day (I’m 45) it was hard to do anything with university folks without running into the odd socialist, or several, hard to do anything with labor or feminists, Catholics or the National Council of Churches without running into some socialists. Didn’t mean everybody else was a socialist too. Ok, I’m over doing it, but you can see my point. Is there more to the Obama-socialism connection than that?

  18. BrkfldDad says:

    This is probably the best synopsis I have seen…

  19. Kathryn says:

    Thanks for the link. The parts about socialism are more or less what I’ve seen also (some of it verbatim.) It’s guilt by association and speculation. He’s a liberal dem; we knew that. The issue of whether he is able to back up his rhetoric with sound actions is more compelling in my view. There is a big question mark there.