Can you imagine?

Somehow it’s Friday already. I’ve managed to accomplish most of what I came to do, so I’m goofing off today.

Last night I joined the birders and went owling. First, I didn’t know I was capable of standing still and quiet for 45 minutes, but I did it. The woman leading the group has this amazing owl call that the birds can’t resist. While I never actually saw anything, I did hear responses.

The night was perfect. The moon was so bright you could see shadows, and there was no wind. I watched a couple of satellites orbit while I was standing there. It dawned on me how little time I take to be still. It was a pretty important thing for me to do.

This group amazes me. Can you imagine a whole week where 20 people gather and not one person disagrees? Really! No discussion of politics or economy. The toughest pushback I’ve heard all week was “I love half and half in my coffee” vs “I’m strictly a skim milk person myself.” What’s even more interesting is that there is no complaining. None. If it’s raining they take delight in finding what’s hiding. If it’s windy they marvel at the way the leaves swirl.

I have joked for years that big things happen at my weeks at The Clearing. In August 2002 I took a phone interview and was appointed to the Brookfield Common Council. One summer I took a Photoshop workshop that introduced me to Dan Anderson, a photographer from Door County that I’ve been so fortunate to join on travel to Ireland. That led to a full year of travel and photos that really helped put the pieces together after Mayor Jeff Speaker’s devastating lies from the 2006 election. Last summer I spent my 45th birthday here.

This week I know I’ve been changed again. The rhythm here allows time for thought, and the pieces fall into place. It started a bit with the video clip from Damiano, and settled into something I’m pretty excited about pursuing. The blog may have to change in six months or so if everything works out, but in the meantime we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing. I expect to have a little more fun with blogging the Presidential race, and believe it or not, there are starting to be currents of discussion regarding Brookfield’s next mayoral race.

Well, someone has to keep an eye on these things, it might as well be us.


  1. Cheri M. says:

    I *do* hope you’ve shared your blog’s web address with your new found peaceful birding friends… it would be lovely to hear their uplifting thoughts and outlook on any number of topics from flora and fauna to weather and vacations! Have a great weekend.