A little conservative smackdown

I have a problem with the way some “real” conservatives are handling the nomination of Senator John McCain. Dad29 thinks he’s hot stuff by proclaiming the Republican nominee “McPain.” The Ol’ Broad has a McFeingold thing going.

Guess what you guys. If you aren’t willing to be part of the solution, then consider yourselves part of the problem.

Your candidates lost in the primary. Get over it. If you want Barack Obama to be the 44th President of these United States, keep up with the divisive whining that garners your hits. What I’d rather see you do is some fine research, of which you and many like you are very capable of managing, and find one reason to LIKE John McCain. Then challenge yourselves to cross that aisle you like to widen and drag two or three voters to the right far enough to capture a vote. Republicans will lose in November if you keep it up. I’m sure you wouldn’t want that to happen.

I’m not alone in my recognition of your need for enlightenment. Dean Culver made a similar statement a few days ago.

Should you “real” conservatives decide against managing a moderate respect for the party’s candidate, I am perfectly willing to discredit your efforts as freely as I do those who tip to the far left. I will, in effect, sight you in the scope.

I do believe that’s language you’ll understand.


  1. I am going to continue to dislike McCain and not consider voting for him. When the GOP loses in November and we are stuck with a Democrat then perhaps the party will learn from its mistake that they cannot ignore the conservatives of the party next time around. Nobody wants a moderate unless you like how things are going, and I do not think many people feel that way.
    Everyone, vote your conservative hearts out in November by going 3rd party (whatever the libertarians give us as a choice.) The numbers will be effective in showing our influence. We already lost, don’t vote for the 4th best Republican choice.

  2. Kathryn says:

    My father voted for Bill Clinton to teach the party a lesson (you know, “It’s the economy…”) I’m not sure he was pleased with the result.

  3. Obamania says:

    Yes, I will vote for that idiot McCain, but I sure don’t have to like it.

    Every day during this election cycle he is going to jab me in the eye, so by the time election day comes he will be lucky to have my vote and it will only be by default.

    And Curt Kulver can stuff it up his ass.

  4. Am I supposed to reach out to McCain because I am conservative? I am conservative, not republican. I believe that McCain is the better choice but that doesn’t mean that I need to support him. We survived one term of Carter… I may be willing to risk sitting this one out. Or, that is what the third candidate party has become, a place to register protests.

  5. I seriously don’t want to have to “survive” my last teenager and 4 years of Obama at the same time.

    Stimpy, no, you don’t have to support him. But it’s nice that you’re leaving the trash talk for others.

    Obamania, my, that wasn’t very nice.

  6. Lucky Lady says:

    I’m confused. Wasn’t that blog written by DEAN CULVER, not CURT KULVER? It looks like Obamania owes one Mr. Kulver an apology. Yep, Cindy, that wasn’t very nice.