PPMS Principal update

This morning I e-mailed Don Galster.

Can you put the rumors to rest that you’ve been asked to leave and tell us what’s next for your career?

He replied:

To set rumors to rest — no, I was not asked to leave and I am sorry that such a rumor exists. At the same time, I do appreciate you letting me know as that type of information is certainly negative for me and the organization.

What I will share with you is that “fit” is essential to strong leadership, and as a leader and a principal I have a need to fit in a manner that allows for continuous improvement within the organization through my efforts.

I am currently in a doctoral program in Leadership at Cardinal Stritch University, and this new experience is also leading me in some new directions in my life and career.

I have not yet been formally released from my contract in Elmbrook and thus do not have a formal contract from the district where I am headed, but I can say that I will remain a middle school principal in my new location. I realize that Elmbrook is moving quickly on this (finding my replacement), but it is awkward that it has become so public on our end and I am not yet able to disclose where I am going yet due to formal steps that have not yet occurred here in Elmbrook or in my future place of employment.

I guess things changed a bit today, because the local site is reporting that Galster is headed to Bayside Middle School, which feeds to Nicolet. Greg DePue, once an associate principal for East high school, headed that direction not too long ago.

It’s a well respected district that seems to be benefiting from Elmbrook’s loss.


  1. Thank you for setting the story straight.

    Wow, the best district in the state hires 2 of Elmbrook’s best. Where did Matt Gibson come from? Well, Fox Point, of course.

    Not a very good trade.

    Now, how did Fox Point let Matt get away? (TIC)

  2. Whoa, G, thanks for the historical reminder. I’d forgotten he’d come from there.

    I have heard some interesting stories…

  3. Go on……