Grade this

Elmbrook’s continuing effort at gobbledygook for policy continues with an anticipated new homework guideline:

Students should receive feedback on homework. Homework related to practice and preparation should not have a substantial effect on a cumulative grade. Summative homework assigned after students have been given ample opportunity to practice a skill, should be included in a cumulative grade.

The rationale?

The changes in the policy are intended to more clearly define the purpose, types, and parameters of homework while
incorporating the recommendations of leaders in the field.

You can read the full change in the memo and policy presented to the school board tonight.

What I can’t understand: does homework count anymore or not?


  1. Some is for practice, to build the skills that the school wishes to see demonstrated. The student will receive feedback in order to have a basis for improvement but will not be graded.

    Some homework is for a grade. This is where the student shows that she has practiced and learned the lesson.

    My brother tried really, really hard to play the guitar. One lunkhead teacher took the guitar out of his hands while he was practicing and told him he’d never get it. So he never tried again. Failure is a part of learning and students shouldn’t be graded on their first tries at a skill.

    Of course, their must also be a reckoning that does count and every student should know when to expect that reckoning to come. If you don’t have it by then the grade has to suffer.