Woe is me

I’m a little worried I won’t have the strength tomorrow to lift my laptop, much less drive to Greendale. Today’s workout was brutal.

A few weeks ago a friend talked me in to doing Super Slow training with her. Ok, what the heck, sure. So now I toodle off once a week to Evolution in Pewaukee. The MJS did an article on the method a few years ago. It’s unique, but I find that I’m surprisingly well suited to the technique.

The goal is to absolutely fatigue a muscle. Machines are usually alternated for top and lower limbs and core. Repetitions – about 5 or 6 in a two minute period – are done to a 20 count. My training as a dancer a lifetime ago helped me move into the slower rhythm easily. We used to do extensions and grand plies at this same brutally slow pace, never locking into one position. Also, my body surprised me by instantly remembering which muscles to engage and which to isolate for the exercises. Recruiting muscles other than those targeted to finish a repetition is a no no.

All in all, things are going well. After I manage the noodley-leg walk to the car and drive home, I’m sore for a couple of days. But, to my surprise, week after week I’m pushing more weight. Body parts seem willing to work more smoothly towards a goal.

We’ll see out it all turns out. My two goals going into this were clear: 1) I have to fit in an airplane seat (gratefully not a problem), and 2) I have to be able to lug my own camera equipment. I’m glad to be working to keep both goals achievable.

My friend? She’s holds the record around the place. Labeled “freakishly strong” she’s a poster child for the technique. She’s been at it for a few years, but I kid you not, pushes about 300 pounds with her chest and arms for rowing. You’d never know by her slender build.

Which is why I keep going back.