What does surrender mean to you?

Finally a question from a woman…

She quotes McCain in saying he will not surrender. What does surrender mean to McCain? With our dollar so devalued, does McCain think “no surrender” will stand in the way of increasing that value?

McCain admits that surrender is not the word that people want to hear, but there would be catastrophic consequences for leaving now. No one hates war more than a veteran. He wants to do everything he can to avoid it. But he believes that finishing the work is important and that we are succeeding.

McCain doesn’t answer the economic component. He does allow the woman to follow up.

She says, the war has been a big factor on the economy. How does no surrender help our economy going forward?

McCain doesn’t believe that the cost of the war is the biggest part of the economy. He admits the Iraqis can start paying for more of their own work. He feels the cost in lives would be too high to withdraw. He thinks we are on the right track. He fought for the new strategy that is succeeding.

Still no response to the economic issue. McCain appreciates the sincerity with which she asked the question.