Senator Kerry Acknowledges That Senator Obama Should Visit Iraq

There was real slapback from our own Governor Jim Doyle regarding Republican presidential nominee John McCain’s visit to Wisconsin. Doyle and former presidential candidate Senator John Kerry hustled up a phone interview this morning as coordinated by Democrat Barack Obama’s people. (McCain’s group has a phone call talk back that took place at noon central.)

The epicenter of the recent campaign chatter is the war again. You see, we still aren’t technically in a general recession, and that’s bad for Democrats who want to paint a pitiful picture in anticipation of November’s returns. That’s left room for McCain to call Obama out on the little effort he’s made towards understanding the situation in Iraq.

Fox News is saying:

Lastly, however, John Kerry did acknowledge in his conference call with reporters that it would be a good thing if Barack Obama went to Iraq — not, he says, for the purposes of a photo-op or a political stunt, but to meet with commanders and get an idea of what’s going on there. That statement by John Kerry, almost an implicit acknowledgment of the truth of what the McCain campaign has been saying — that it has been a bad thing for Obama to have been absent from the theatre, lo these two-and-a-half years.

The MJS even admitted, “Kerry did, however, suggest Obama should make such a trip, but on a lower-key, fact-finding basis” as written by Greg Borowski.

Obama is soft on foreign affairs. It’s day 873 since he bothered to check in on Iraq. Now if he goes it will be because he knows he’s weak and needs to shore up the pre-presidential campaign image.


  1. And McCain hasn’t warn his flag pin in months…so what?

  2. Obama said that he was going to go back a few days before this happened, by the way.

  3. Personal phone call, Capper? Can you show the rest of us how you know that Obama had already committed to “go back.”