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There have been a few I thought I’d send you, but I resisted. You really need to read this book.

Here Barack Obama is talking about his job with “Marty Kaufman,” who doesn’t exist. The man he first worked for is Gerald Kellman. Obama disclaims at the front of the book that he made people up and compressed characters. It’s that “tendency to rewrite his history to conform with the image he wished for himself” thing I wrote about earlier.

Anyway, Obama is describing his first real work attending a rally:

It was twilight by the time we crossed the city line and pulled into the parking lot of a large suburban school, where crowds of people were already making their way into the auditorium. They appeared as Marty had described them: laid-off steelworkers, secretaries, and truck drivers, men and women who smoked a lot and didn’t watch their weight, shopped at Sears or Kmart, drove late-model cars from Detroit and ate at Red Lobster on special occasions.

So, when a few have called Obama elitist, I thought, hey, another label.

Dang! I’d say they’re right.


  1. Elitist ? I would say B.O. and his buddies have their own view that is out of touch with mainstream America. Take the following exchange for example.

    Q: How will that not be different when you join another church?

    BO: Well, it raises an interesting question. And you know, I haven’t answered this — I haven’t figured out exactly how this is managed. Obviously I think in whatever church you join there’s going to be things the pastor says or a guest pastor says that you don’t agree with. Not all of them may be as offensive as some of the statements that my former pastor made which I thoroughly rejected, but you know, it’s not infrequent for example if you go into a church and a comment is made that suggests for example an aversion to gays and lesbians.

    The last statement “it’s not infrequent for example if you go into a church and a comment is made that suggests for example an aversion to gays and lesbians” shows the mindset of B.O. and his radical buddies and how out of touch they are. They imply that being in the mainstream is just one long gay bashing session. I, for one, have never been in a church that has bashed gays. And I’ve been around awhile.

  2. “Obviously I think in whatever church you join there’s going to be things the pastor says or a guest pastor says that you don’t agree with.”

    That’s the problem with the church! People don’t read the Bible, so they don’t know what the truth is, and they make up their own rules about what they will believe and agree with. A pastor should be preaching “law and gospel” so that I am reminded of MY sin and need for a savior, and the fact that in Jesus Christ the Savior has appeared. All the political talk has no place in the sermons!

    People find a church where they hear what they like to hear, whether it’s biblical or not, and many churches are teaching doctrine rather than truth. For example, the Bible does not demand or require celibacy of a pastor/priest. That is a doctrine of a denomination, and if one doesn’t agree they should find another denomination.

    Another example: Paul specifically prohibits women from being pastors by stating “women should have no authority over men”, but some denominations ordain women inspite of the injunction against it…and some even ordain lesbians to double the revolt against the Bible. In this case, people should flee from this doctrine.

    One should read the Bible and find a denomination that preaches and teaches biblical truths in order to encourage and equip people to live the Christian life. People want to hear what they want to hear, and they don’t necessarily want to hear how they are supposed to live their lives. Most people don’t want to hear about their own sin even if God has made it clear what it is, so they look for churches that don’t talk about “the log in your own eye”. Many listen to the cultural
    “song of the siren” and ignore what God says.

    People like Obama are a “dime a dozen” in the church, but the fact is that if you know the truth yourself, you will avoid churches that aren’t teaching it…and you will never stay for more than a couple of weeks in one that teaches lies. Obama isn’t unusual in this error! When Bush praises Islam, which is an enemy of Christ, he shows that his Christian faith/knowledge is very shallow. Sad but true in my judgement.

    Please don’t read anything I haven’t said into this. I’m trying to be honest and not offensive for those of us who attend church and profess to be followers of Jesus Christ, and I’m trying to be a witness to God’s truths and a blessing to others in this case.

  3. Kathryn says:

    Scripture doesn’t specifically sanction ordination of pastors. It does say in Christ there is neither male nor female, Greek nor Jew. It does specifically mention several women in leadership roles: Prisca (Priscilla), Phoebe, Mary, Junia, Julia, Trypahaena, Tryphosa, Euodia, Syntyche, Chloe, Lydia, Ruth, Naomi, Miriam, Hulda, Deborah, etc. It also says not to make profane that which God has sanctified.

  4. Kathryn says:

    Yeah, I know I’m predictable. Sorry folks.