Brookfield wants out of Visitor and Convention Bureau

Hot diggity dog. I’ve been saying the same thing for about 6 years. It’s great to see the leadership finally come around.

GMToday is reporting the announcement was made at yesterday’s Economic Development meeting. Here’s the agenda that was noticed. The closest item I could find regarding this announcement:

5. Discussion and Recommendation to the Common Council, Directing the Preparation and Circulation of a Request for Proposals for City of Brookfield Tourism and Hospitality Promotion Services.
6. Review and Recommendation to the Common Council, for Approval of a Resolution Amending the Distribution of Room Tax for City of Brookfield Tourism and Hospitality Promotion Services.

Trust me, it won’t cost you any less the way this Mayor does things, but at least the city will have better control of the product. I’ve never liked the bureau’s current campaign – in fact I took aim at it a year ago. (I’d have to hook up the auxiliary drive to find the post before that.)

I’ve always wanted to drop the CVB and send the minimum required by law to work in conjunction with the Milwaukee CVB. That way Brookfield hotels would be listed in convention documents they prepare. (Yes, there’s a minimum of the room taxes collected from hotels/motels that must go to promote tourism by law.)


Thursday, Jun 21 2007, 12:20 PM
Brookfield Now columnist Kathrerine Beeson takes aim at the Brookfield Convention and Visitor’s Bureau image campaign on page 7.

What’s wrong with this representation? The snake and parrot imply a zoo. I don’t remember a zoo in Brookfield. (Well, I suppose we could sell tickets to view city hall…) Is the ad misleading?

I’ve disliked the campaign from the beginning, but you heard about that months ago. The CVB chief was fired earlier in the year. A new replacement has just been announced.

Just like we have an economic development committee and then force a business to change its paint colors, Brookfield has an ad campaign implying amenities we don’t possess.

And your tax dollars pay for it all.