Senator Ted Kanavas tells Janesville to buck up

(Madison)…“This should be looked at as opportunity, not tragedy,” said Senator Ted Kanavas (R-Brookfield) after General Motors announced it was preparing to shut down its Janesville assembly plant by 2010.

“The people of Janesville and the city itself, along with the rest of southern Wisconsin are strong,” continued Kanavas. “While the plant closing will be tough to overcome, I am confident the men and women who have put quality vehicles on our roads for over 80 years will be able to bounce back. They can be helped immensely in this if they are given the proper tools. As it has done before with other closings, I expect the state will do what it can to help those affected by the lay-offs through job retraining and the like.”

“However, this is a real opportunity for change. While big SUVs and heavy manufacturing jobs will both continue to have their place here in our state, this is not where the future lies. Just as GM and other automakers are trying to redirect their efforts toward smaller nimbler cars, Wisconsin must continue to embrace a knowledge based economy and the growing field of intellectual property.”

“Lowering taxes, providing incentives and giving the people of Janesville, along with the rest of our state, the chance to use their natural ability to innovate new ideas is the best response to an event like this. There is a bright future ahead for Janesville and the rest of our great state if the proper steps are taken today,” concluded Kanavas.