Franklin’s follies

I’m always tickled to find little windows that show other communities have their share of stupid leadership, too. There’s a chance that Franklin may surpass Brookfield in the stupid poli tricks category.

John Michlig from Sprawled Out has this:

Fortunately, since “just a concerned citizen” Mr. Fischer has begrudgingly emerged from stealth mode (we are now told in his blog bio – – though not in print – – that he is an employee of state senator Mary Lazich, but only after I admonished the concealment) readers can fairly easily supply context. His employer has received (and undoubtedly hopes to continue to receive) financial contributions from Mark Carstensen, the developer of the troubled, no-announced-tenants Target-Shoppes at Wyndham Village (that’s the one I fixate on, but I wear my bias on my sleeve), which is a direct competitor of what is planned for Fountains of Franklin. Nothing wrong with that, but smart businessmen don’t lay out dough without expecting results. For her part, Senator Lazich has delivered, writing in support of Carstensen’s development sight unseen. She’s a little inaccurate, however, in her effusive 1/6/07 letter to Secretary Frank Bussalacchi of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation:

I am pleased to add my support for the project to the unanimous support off [sic] the City of Franklin Plan Commission and Common Council.

Not unanimous. Plan Commissioner Kevin Haley voted against the development’s crummy site plan – – hence, I submit, his momentary (more on that later) ouster from the commission.

So my friend Fischer is a little slow to disclose his employer’s dependence on the developer he’s buffering by trashing another. And a state senator get into the mix on local development? Wow.


  1. I expect to see the customary poison e-mail message from Mr. Fischer grace my in-box before nightfall. He never engages the issue, however.

    In the meantime, let’s hope he puts in his bookmarks:

  2. I think many Franklin residents at this point are getting a tad annoyed with the recent follies. It’s all the politicians acting stupid, and the games they play.

    Enough’s enough.