My name is…

Ok, read this and you’ll understand:

Senator J. James Marzilli Jr. used the name of a fellow lawmaker when he was arrested Tuesday for allegedly trying to grope a woman on a park bench, telling police he was Martin Walsh, who is a state representative from Dorchester, a prosecutor said today in court.


  1. I guess it’s time to play “Name That Party!”

    Is it in the headline? Nope.
    Is it in paragraph 1? Nope.
    Is it in paragraph 2? Nope.
    Paragraphs 3-9? Not a chance.
    Paragraph 10? FINALLY! We find out he is a ‘Rat.

    Care to guess where the party affiliation would be if he had been a Pubbie?

  2. Lucky Lady says:

    Not only do they finally reveal his party affiliation in paragraph 10, they immediately whitewash his behavior by listing all the things he has done for teachers’ unions, environmental issues and community issues. I make a point of scanning the JournalSentinel for the same “journalistic” technique. Nothing like objective reporting.

  3. That “list” was part of a quote, LL. You can’t really blame the reporter for that.

  4. Of course she can! A reporter choses to include or not include all kinds of quotes in an article. Those decisions have profound influence.

    At least I tell you I have an opinion. Most journalism slants it without such disclosure.