40 years ago today

I was five years old when Robert Kennedy was killed. I was only a few months old when his brother and our 35th President John was murdered. I don’t remember anything of the Kennedy dynasty except for Jackie O’s glasses.

When I ask my parents, they remember it well. The were young, and struggling. But they knew that those two deaths would change America, just like I did when I watched the twin towers come down. There are some things you know are important even as they happen.

I come from years of Democrats. I crossed over with Reagan in 1980 and have voted Republican ever since. Mom and Dad keep their independence, but when a good Democrat pops up in Oklahoma, I sure seem to hear about it more than those Republicans that run. Sure, I’ve thought about crossing back, but so far no one has really given me a good reason to do so. I will affirm that won’t be the case in this upcoming election.

We all know that in life there are big things and little things. Sometimes the little things seem big, because they are closer to us, but in the end we manage to keep them in perspective. The love of your family, coaxing the dog to share his favorite chair, those things count. Making sure the local mayor fixes his apartment building? Not really important at all to me.

The election this November is important, in fact I’d even call it very important, but don’t think for a minute that it’s not in perspective. You see, I’m confident in our family’s ability to make hay when the sun is shining, regardless of which party is managing the sun. I’d like for things to go my way, but I’ll live if they don’t. Keep that in mind with comments, please. It’s beginning to appear that the election has commanded the attention of a few of you, too. I hope we can maintain a perspective as we continue to debate the better candidate and draw attention to potential flaws of the opponent. There is, after all, a winner and a loser.


That’s it for a few days. I’m going to enjoy the weekend. Then, I’m off to have some fun next week. I’ll keep in touch, but it won’t be with the usual vigor.

Take care.