Family Photos

It’s very interesting to see this photo a reader just e-mailed me. I’m reading about all of his African family now. His father had lots of wives, sometimes at the same time, some white and some black. Barack Obama doesn’t have a full sibling – all of these are half siblings through his father. He also has a half sister from his mother’s marriage to an Indonesian. Maya is not picture here.


Gramps and Toot, his maternal grandparents, raised Obama in Hawaii. Toot, he writes, is of Cherokee descent. She still lives in Hawaii.


He called his grandmother a “typical white person” in March. At the time he was refusing to disown Reverend Jeremiah Wright, which, of course, he has since disowned.

Does that mean grandma’s next?


  1. It’s interesting that in these times, and maybe it’s only in the media, that it is only seems politically correct for Obama to be an African-American or black when in reality he is biracial. Why must the other side of his makeup be played down or ignored? Tiger Woods is portrayed in the same manner. Personally I think Tiger is the greatest Asian-American golfer I have ever seen.

  2. And Obama will be the greatest Caucasian President in our nation’s long and proud history.

  3. Shawn – On what do you base your comment? Since Obama has a very skimpy track record and was not even the leader of the IL legislature what makes you think he will be an effective president let alone the greatest president? You can find few presidential candidates, regardless of political philosophy, with less qualification in American history. Is your opinion based on an opportunity to receive some proposed entitlement?

  4. I was being facetious…

  5. About the “greatest” part or the “Caucasian” part or the “long and proud history” part?