It’s raining, it’s pouring

I wish I were snoring…

I’m having a little trouble moving into writing gear this morning. I may have to switch to regular strength coffee for days like these. (I’ve been a half caf girl for years now…)


Dropped the youngest off at school this morning making a mad dash between downpours. I was surprised to see the large trees in front Brookfield East gone. They’re making preparation for the mayor’s Lilly Road folly.

I’d venture an educated guess that between the development he’s pushed (The Shire especially) and roads he’s widened, this mayor will go down in Brookfield’s history for destroying more mature trees than any other. It’s like the man won’t stop until all of Brookfield is shiny and new and painted in puke yellow ala Fresh Market.


A friend told me Barack Hussein Obama’s family from Kenya is making another round on the news channels. It’s interesting to me because I’m reading about his first trip to Kenya in 87 or 88 right now in Dreams from My Father. I think it’s funny that the family he describes there – always with a hand in his pocket – is now the one being paraded by the press. I saw his “Granny” (The book talks about a Sarah that is actually his father’s older sister but sometimes labeled his father’s stepmother, as Sarah did raise the elder Obama) peeling corn off an ear to feed to the animals. Contrast that with a $2 million home in Chicago’s suburbs. In the book he hands Sarah about $30 in Kenyan currency when she asks for money.

Obama’s had so many reincarnations of his family that it’s dizzying. This morning I read that he “didn’t know his father well.” In fact, he met him once, for 4 weeks when Barack was 10 years old.

It will be interesting to see how Obama tries to reconcile his previously recorded history with the version he wants to write now that he’s running for president. He demands that his history is the Black American history, but then he’s actually Kenyan. I wonder if he’s eligible for a Kenyan passport? It looks like wives and children of Kenyans are eligible for citizenship.

Do you guys know some Kenyans are expecting a new airport out of us if he’s elected?


  1. Al Goreleone says:

    2 million $ house – That’s deceptive. There is a significant discount when you go with Rezco Discount Real Estate. It’s sad about the recent news about Tony. He not the same man Barrack or I knew. Besides 2 million is chump change compared to what you can afford when you are in the global warming business. Have you checked out my new funds investments? You can get in too !

    Kenyan’s are expecting a new airport – Well it’s all about hope and a handout now.

  2. So what is Anheuser-Busch expecting? It’s sad to say, but this blog has went from being truly fairly conservative, thoughtful, etc. to being little more than an attack on all things not (R).

  3. Shawn, sweetie, if you want to make a point, why don’t you give reference to Anheuser-Busch mentioning they’d like new hospitals or tarmac.

    The problem is, I’m doing a pretty good job of backing up my argument, and that frustrates you such that all you do is whine.

  4. So have you, Dan!