Slumlord and Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker leads WISN 6pm news (Video)

UPDATE – But wait, there’s more! See this June 13th post.

Or at least that’s what a reader e-mailed. I missed it! Maybe they’ll play it at 10, too.

By the way, he/she said the story wrapped up with the idea that Speaker bought the problems with the complex. Nice try…he’s owned the units for over a year now. That should be enough time to catch up on a few required improvements.

Update: 9:15pm – Here’s the video. You’ll notice at the end that Mayor Jeff Speaker now has his hands in the City of Milwaukee’s Public Trough. Touching, isn’t it?

UDPATE: See a previous entry on Speaker’s Milwaukee violations.


  1. Lucky Lady says:

    It looks like Mayor Speaker will have to devote a lot of hours to fixing that slum property. Are Brookfield residents getting our full-time mayor’s full attention? This isn’t the kind of publicity Brookfield needs.

  2. Yes, it looked like more than “weekend” work. He doesn’t do much anyway, but it’s a shame we’re paying him more than $100,000 a years and he’s working another full-time job.

  3. I think the fact that he bought this property in the first place shows just how poor his judgement is. Some of the filth the video shows is the result of the filthy habits of the tenants. I’d say more but I’d be accused of being a bigot. I’ve known others who have owned property in Milwaukee and it’s a hopeless task to keep it in decent condition because the tenants think you are getting rich and they just destroy the property!

  4. BrkfldDad says:

    It’s the media. Pretty interesting that the alderman comes out in support of Speaker and that the reporter slips in at the end that Speaker inherited most of the problems. Happened to talk to someone who knows the situation very well. Turns out that Channel 12 got the ‘tip’ from one of the four tenants he is trying to evict. Reason he’s evicting them, they keep on trashing their apartments then asking for repairs. Just so happens all the TV shots were comprised of those tenants’ apartments. I have several buddies that own large multi-tenant apartments, although none in Milwaukee. They have full time jobs too and are able to keep up with it. I doubt he’s doing a lot of the work himself, just hiring contractors. EG you hit the nail on the head on this one, he may have gotten more than he bargained for.

  5. I had hits a couple of days before the piece aired, so I figured something was up.

    Kind of goes back to our mayor’s favorite “deer in the headlights” routine. He bought 20 units for about $400,000. He had to have some clue as to the clientèle. But he’ll stand there big-eyed and glancing down at his shoes until someone steps in to rescue him.

    Last I saw he was at two evictions, not four, on WCCA–one was already closed, one open with a judgment. So…maybe there are two sides to a story and the truth is somewhere in the middle between Jeff’s story as you just reported, BrkfldDad, and what was on TV.

  6. winegirl says:

    When my brother owned investment property in the City of Milwaukee, he found he had to carry a gun with him to collect his rents. He was a careful and conscientious landlord who improved his properties but in the end, he got out of that line of work (which was his full time job.) Is this perhaps why Mayor Jeff is MIA so often? At least he knows how to carry a gun.

  7. Now I don’t know Mr. Speaker and I don’t live in the suburbs, but I really beleive that the real problem here is the media hype. Common sense dictates that the real problem here is tenants that create and allow these type of conditions of their neighbors. For Gods Sake! Stand up and speak out, hurrah! but against the real problem. These conditions were not created by Mr. Speaker…they were created by the poeple that trashed the place in the first place and poeple that, then, blame it on another. Help your neighbor, if you can…and if you can’t, get them the heck out!

  8. So, you really don’t know Mr. Speaker, but you got to the site by Googling “brookfield mayor jeff speaker” after 11:00 p.m. on a Wednesday night?

    Must be a politician to lie so nonchalantly.

    While the conditions were not created by Mr. Speaker, as the property owner, the property’s condition is ultimately his responsibility. As stated before, he’s simply too naive (nice way of saying stupid) to realize the investment was a money pit. He still feels he’s entitled to get rich quick. Like most get-rich-quick schemes, this one’s a sham, but Speaker couldn’t see through it.

    Thanks for bringing this topic to the front, xtphr99!