That seems to work. Let me know if something’s missing that you liked before in the side panels.

Why mess with a good thing? Blame Google. You see, Google, it seems, is set to read left to right, which means comments (and not my lovely content) was indexed first.

This should work. If you really, really don’t like it, say so and I’ll consider the switch. Luckily, I saved most everything and it can happen much faster than this business.

Met my goal, though. (I will acknowledge my image would probably have been tarnished if you could hear my response to some of the unintended consequences I encountered!)


  1. Does that mean you don’t like it Dan, or that you simply consider me a suck up…

  2. It’s “different”, and likely unnecessary. That’s not to say I don’t like it; I do.

    While Google does read from left-to-right, it also reads from top-to-bottom, and more importantly, it reads from the HTML source and not as the browser renders it. For example, my posts are essentially at the top of the HTML source, while they’re smack dab in the middle of the page as a browser renders it.

  3. As soon as I’d written that, I knew I’d oversimplified the statement. It was something I’d experienced using this template. Rather than ditch the template entirely, I picked up the left version and thought I’d try it for a while. If it doesn’t improve the quality of the search, I’ll go back.

    I thought I’d like the three column, but I’m thinking it’s a little busy now. I’d love to go to the two, but that’s a different version with different sized photos and more work than I wanted to manage. But then, I’ve not upgraded my WordPress package either, and I know that should probably be done.

    By the way, I also added a site map a few weeks ago and that seemed to help.

  4. On my computer, the script is way too the left of the screen. Liked it better before.

  5. For what it’s worth, this is much worse. The other way was much better, IMHO.

  6. This is way worse and very confusing. I’d venture to guess most people will avoid the two right columns entirely now.

  7. Ok, ok. It’s back to the original. Sheez, you guys aren’t much for change…

  8. Thank you Cindy. I don’t mind change, but only when it’s for the better, like Obama. 🙂 (Sorry, but I just couldn’t resist.)