Everyone ok out there?

That was a doozy. We’re still likely to float away. That’s one advantage to being a few feet from the highest point on the subcontinental divide. It’s not as threatening here as it is a few houses down the hill. Judging by the pool it’s about three inches so far.

Let me know if you need anything.


  1. It is wild out there. I just returned from a wedding in Waukesha–a tornado siren interrupted the reception!

    When we left the reception, we found Arcadian Drive flooded just west of Hwy 164, which forced a different route home. We could see that Brookfield Hills Golf course had a few more lakes when we got off the freeway on Moorland. We headed south to Greenfield Ave, but cars were turning around at the I-94 exit and Moorland light because the because of major flooding. Police blocked the northbound lanes at Moorland and Greenfield.

    Along Sunny Slope Rd, north of Greenfield, some of the homes on the east side of the road had new “lakes” as well in their side and back yards. Once on our own property I noticed a large “river” going across the east end of the yard–and we are along the sub-continental divide too.

    While typing this, I just got a phone call from a family member whose car killed going through deep water. No wonder the news reporter on the radio said, STAY HOME!

  2. winegirl says:

    My parent’s inground pool just washed out because the sump pump didn’t light up. They just returned from winter in their FL house yesterday. Welcome back to WI Mom and Dad!
    I offered to drive over there to help but they had it under control. Good thing they got a swim in before the flood.

  3. We had 14 inches of standing water in front of our house as the rains were at their most torrential. Other than that, we did just fine.

  4. It was 94 here in Nashville and sunny.

  5. Quack!