Elmbrook’s Pilgrim Park Middle School closed due to flooding

There’s been speculation all day that the school in Elm Grove on Pilgrim Parkway between Bluemound and Gebhardt had taken water. Now the Parent Link phone calls are being made and confirming that the school is indeed closed.

I don’t think it looks good for it to reopen this last week of school. Flooding is still severe in the area, and more rain is expected the first half of the week.

The last day of school is a week from tomorrow, the 16th.


  1. There seems to be confusion about the last day of school even within the district. The main website says the last day is Monday, June 16th. Hillside’s principal sent the school newsletter home June 5th with a special box noting the last day of school as June 13th.

    Who’s right?????

  2. The youngest has a final on Friday, so at least through the 13th? (Oops, missed the date earlier.)

    Leave it to Elmbrook to be sending mixed messages.

  3. BrkfldDad says:

    WHMS’ last day is Friday. I would think PPMS would be the same.

  4. The last day is the 13th. They can’t have us make up a school day due to weather after March 31st.

    Even if they could have us make up a day on the 16th, which is a Monday, it wouldn’t make sense. The last day is the 13th, which is graduation.