Plan now to reduce mosquitoes

Surely you know the drill. Reduce places for standing water. Tip planting containers and saucers beneath them. Make sure no water stands under downspouts, etc. In places that won’t drain, consider adding larvae treatment – Bacillus thuringiensis israeliensis – to destroy the critters before they hatch into biting adults.

I hope like heck our fine city leaders get on the ball and manage this problem now, while larvae treatments are effective, until waiting after they hatch. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars stashed in a fund labeled for mosquito abatement, so there should be no excuses.

UPDATE – The city is counting the larvae weekly. See this later post for more details.


  1. We couldn’t go in the yard BEFORE this rain, so I’m sure that it will be impossible in a few days!

  2. BrkfldDad says:

    CK, doesn’t the DNR (or other state agency) regulate when and where you can drop the larvae treatment? I’d bet that red tape prevents us from proceeding swiftly.

  3. You get a whole new post Bdad!

    BTW, I think homeowners are allowed to treat their own properties without DNR interference. I’ve bought my larvaecide from Stein’s.

  4. Cindy…do you put up signs along the lot lines advising the neighbors’ mosquitos not to invade your property? If so, what if you get some of them Spanish speaking mosquitos who can’t read your signs? Do you have to illuminate them at night or have you issued night vision goggles to the skeeters? Do you think those electronic dog fences would work if you could manage to get collars on the skeeters? I think I’ll just get myself a scuba-diving outfit and wear it in the yard!

  5. Yes, Grant. I use solar powered lighting to illuminate the signs. No problem with the languages. The youngest helped with that.

    No to night vision goggles. Yes to bats.

    And the fence never even worked for the dog…

    Honestly, I bought a Mosquito Magnet years ago and it’s done a pretty good job.