PPMS surrounded by FEMA flood plain

The picture below shows the 2007 aerial view combined with the latest FEMA maps available on the Waukesha County GPS site.


You’ll notice a few lots in the City of Brookfield in the flood prone area as well.


  1. It’s shameful that such poor planning practices were followed in the past. Many older homes were built in floodplains, and now those homeowners have to pay for the city’s lack of research.

  2. Except some of those shown above (Choctaw Trail) were built in the last few years.

  3. I’ve been amazed how Brookfield seems to get permission to fill-in and build in the flood plains. We seem to get away with it while reading in the paper about communities where the EPA runs roughshod over landowners.

  4. The owners of those houses should not be surprised. When you but the land almost any lender is going to require homeowners insurance and any carrier is going to see the lot is in a FEMA flood plain and will require a FEMA cert.

  5. Oh yeah, talking to a city worker yesterday who was trying to keep my neighbors basement dry by pumping the sewer line that was backing into their house, the city has been trying for years to take a bulldozer or any machinery through Underwood Creek, but the DNR won’t let them. Now there are houses down the street with 4 ft of standing water in their backyard that are most certainly not in a FEMA flood plain.

  6. Cheri M. says:

    Last week I saw a “For Sale” sign on the land on the West side of Pilgrim Parkway. Does anyone know what that is zoned? One would presume it is being sold for some type of development? Any additional square footage of paving related to it’s development may reasonably result in more rainwater runoff.
    Some might say the best and highest use of that parcel of land for the community may be as a larger and/or deeper rainwater retention pond.

  7. Cheri M. says:

    PS. BTW, PPMS is in Elm Grove.

  8. Kathryn says:

    Aren’t those lots on Choctaw Trail fairly new? How in the world did those get approved?
    FEMA was been updating the flood plain designations in Waukesha County recently. Was that entire area designated previously, or is this new? Obviously, we knew it floods.

  9. Well Cindy, you got me there! Shame on the Brookfield Engineering and/or Planning Departments for that!

    Now I wonder if those homes got flooded…

  10. When you purchase a lot with no buildings on it, the lender is not required to do a flood plain search on the property. All real estate loans with a buildings (defined as at least 2 walls and roof) must have a flood plain search. Flood insurance is not provided by your normal insurance company. I have worked in banking for over 20 years and people always hate to pay for flood insurance. They always get upset about paying another insurance preimum and often try to get out of it. The flood maps will most likelybe redrawn after this latest flood.

  11. How does Brookfield East area map out ?

  12. Dry except for the west edge.