The buzz on Brookfield’s mosquitoes

Brookfield has a permit and can manage the situation at any time. Typically they make the DNR request at the first of the year and have permission after a couple of months. Bill Kolstad, Director of Parks and Recreation in Brookfield, offered that his first permit took three years! But, much to my surprise (and perhaps negating my earlier posting) mosquitoes may not be an issue.

Per Kolstad:

The last significant flooding Brookfield saw actually flushed the population downstream. The larvae counts went down for awhile. Also, I learned that there’s a larvae measurement threshold of “three per dip” to determine when spraying should begin. A dip is a unique tool used for measuring larvae count. There was no comparison of measurement (teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, etc) available. I was reassured as soon as that threshold was met, management would begin.

The department has been monitoring mosquito population for the last four weeks. It looks like Kolstad has the situation under control. I’m glad I called and found out the details.