The commissioners ask questions

Commissioner Donze starts. Do these road dimensions meet the standards for Brookfield?

(No, lady, they’ve worked on this behind closed doors for years and didn’t hit that point…)

What is the radius for the curb returns? (Chase – can you repeat the question?) Donze repeats.

(Purgatory, this is purgatory. The heat is approaching another description, though.)

Chase says he doesn’t know but rambles on anyway.

She has other comments.

She sees a need for better connection to the office park to the west. Approval now would set the deal and leave them “unable to explore some of the other alternatives.” She thinks the application needs to go in for the connection road prior to the public hearing, even though she admits it doesn’t do much good, because it’s after the submission that things might bog down.

Ertl interrupts that staff has a role in this and asks city engineer Jeff Chase to comment. He says it’s more complicated than might be expected. DNR has indicated that there will need to be a well crafted application to prove the need to move into the wetlands, and that the city would be the one to make the application.

(5th District Alderman Scott Berg just entered. Darn, I wish I had mentioned that he’d be wearing something with his name monogrammed on it! Of course, he is wearing such an item…)

Donze continues to argue that there needs to be a little more effort behind the project before it goes to public hearing in four weeks. She pushes for a timeline; Ajay replies that September would be specific plan approval. Hmm…that is different than I had expected, but exactly the time frame in which Capitol Heights was presented.

(Flashbacks are not always pleasant. Six years ago we were going through the same nightmare in the north of Brookfield.)

Ajay indicates the DNR may make demands that are not economically viable. He doubts the other office development will allow a road through their parking lot.

The Mayor is making another rehearsed statement. Gosh, Dan Ertl, what could we do here if we approve the public hearing and it doesn’t come true? (In other words, expect a very mamby pamby public notice with a lot of if/then statements.)

(Remember that song from Damn Yankees! Whatever Lola waaaants, Lola gets? I’m thinking we need to switch Lola for VK.)

Another Commissioner – the new guy Kevin something – says the developer needs to be complimented for his effort.

Rick Owen starts. Expect a big group hug. You can watch this stuff on TV if you get it.

I know Mahkorn is next, but I gotta go now. Battery is about to give out and, well, I believe there’s a better way to be living than this. I’ll give more comments later tonight or tomorrow.


  1. Stayed to the end, Till all the buts were kissed.