The developer says he can’t afford it

Underground parking that is…

Now, I wonder if the developer in this question is VK or if the developer saying no is Capstone. Ertl says that there was a conference call with a third party to verify that there’s no way to recoup the underground parking cost.

1) There’s a “calling in of the experts” already to justify the cheap approach to this project,

2) Why don’t you tell all those other guys that you’ve demanded under building parking from in other projects.

There’s talk of TIFing a small part – the office building part – to manage the underground water storage. Hmm… now who’s buying that one? Isn’t this green space?

Cha ching.


July 15 might be the public hearing on this project. That would make approval in August, a.k.a. vacation season. Hope no one is looking!