We get a computer presentation!

Funny, but parking for retail can have under building parking!

The lights go down…there’s a computer generated three dimensional representation of the plan. Now there’s music! And all of the trees are full grown. Gosh. That was easy.

Par for the course, only the development is represented. Any possible comparison to how this might tower over the current building in the area is politely removed.

It’s huge with lots and lots and lots of parking.

Well that was fun. (I am sarcastic here.)

And now we hear how important this tax base is to Brookfield. Remember, it’s just more for the Mayor to spend. You’ll never see a dime of that revenue. Especially if they TIF parts of it.

Ajay thinks there are enough community benefits for this program to fly.

The Mayor weighs in. He says “oh, dear, you’re asking for less square footage!” Listen, there’s more to this than meets the eye. I’ll dig into it over the next few days and figure out what the catch is. You can bet this bozo business is rehearsed. My gut is that this is an argument to TIF even though the developer has never ever asked for any money from the city. That other big, bad developer (Faber from Capstone) might ask for the TIF.

Oy Vey!