2nd district park could be long term lease

The memo to the school board agenda suggests that the City of Brookfield will not actually buy the acreage near Imperial Drive, but ask for a long-term lease from the district. There are pros and cons.

First, a sale of the property would require stakeholder approval by vote. This way, I think the city may be trying to circumvent the chance of a sale not passing. The fire station the city wants to build, taking part of the current park in that district, is not very popular.

Next, should the school district want the property back, the district would be short park space after the new station was built.

But – I like the idea of not paying twice for property taxpayers already own. Granted, there are Elm Grove residents that would be subsidizing the lease, but it’s not as bad as paying twice and then having the school district spend the money on something goofy.

What’s interesting to me is that there’s not been any information come in for the city side of this deal.