Don’t you wish you had the whole story?

Those of us in Brookfield are used to the Town and the City whacking each other over the head much like that mole game at Chuck E. Cheeses. To watch officials, there’s almost the same amount of joy in their faces as the children display holding that big padded mallet. After all these years, it would be very helpful if stories that came out about the two Brookfields had all of the details.

For a couple of weeks we’ve been hearing about Brookfield’s own version of Sewer Wars when it comes to pricing the use of the Fox River Water Pollution Control Center. (Fancy Brookfield way of saying sewage treatment center, by the way.) Today’s story leaves a bunch of unanswered questions.

First we hear, “Both city and town officials claimed legal victories.” Then, “The PSC ruling should save the city and town money in annual sewer costs…” and that, “charging communities for that interceptor infiltration and inflow and doing so should save the city about $40,000 a year.” No one tells us what made it worth the Town’s time to file the complaint – how much they are expecting to save – or the legal bills for both communities. (The City of Brookfield hardly does anything in house these days.)

At the end of the article we’re told, “(Director of Public Works Tom) Grisa said the town owes the city more than $300,000 for the back payments.” The statement is again meaningless without knowing the amount owed prior to the conflict.

All in all, this thing is slanted towards the city politicians who like to claim they’re saving the taxpayers ($40,000) every chance they can get. Taxpayers are not told hold much the decision cost, or how much the revenue the Town produced for the facility before this “savings.” It’s hard to tell from these few column inches. You’d need inside information to know the whole story.

What should be news reads more like spin.