I’m going to Grenada

Oh, not next week or anything, but definitely sometime within the next couple of years. My friend ReAnn has been assigned there on a Peace Corps mission and will ship out the end of August.

I met ReAnn on the photo tour to Ireland in April of 2007. She’s headed here in July so we can visit part of the crew in Door County. Of all things, this lady was part of the original touring group of Hair. (Yes, that musical.) Sadly, her husband died several years ago from bladder cancer. This assignment is a brilliant fit for ReAnn, who has work history in tourism and textiles. I am so proud of her.

So, anyone ever been? I do remember the place making news in the early 80’s…


  1. Dave Frank says:

    Good choice Cindy. Kelly and I were there in 2002 and it was amazing. It looked nothing like I imagined (war-torn and very third world). The people were fantastic and St. George’s was beautiful. We only were there a day but I would definitely go back. I am pretty sure we visited a waterfall there, but Kelly can correct me if I am wrong…

  2. I’ve been to Curaçao, does that count? 😉