Jeff Speaker’s Friday the 13th surprise

Of course I’m going to link to the story and all of the photos Jeff Speaker, Mayor for the City of Brookfield, has on page B-1 of today’s local paper. Of course I’ll mention that he has 50+ new violations since I wrote about his slumlord behavior several weeks ago.

Poor Mayor Speaker. He’s not clever enough to know that a project like this will drain his net worth in a few more heartbeats. And he’s spending your tax dollars, Brookfield. That was not a warm, fuzzy feeling you just had, was it?

He’s asking for help from Milwaukee taxpayers to fix his investment property:

…He planned to meet today with the Milwaukee Department of City Development to explore possible loan assistance.

“I’m looking to probably invest about $100,000 with the city’s help,” Speaker said.

It doesn’t look like there’s a great deal of assurance that Speaker will rise to the occasion:

“But you should know that when you buy it and have hammer and nail ready,” Weiler said. “It’s time. The proof will be in the pudding. We’ll see what happens to his promises.” (per Todd Weiler, Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services)


According to city records, Speaker did not respond to orders in January to remove debris and a junk vehicle, Weiler said, prompting the city to send contractors to do the work and then bill Speaker $442, including a $100 fee for repeated litter issues.

“When a (city) contractor has to go out, it’s a sign of very poor management,” Weiler said. “Whoever he has doing it is not on top of things.”

And, this article’s author had to acknowledge a prior news source, but neither chose to include the original source outside their world of main stream media. (I’m beginning to understand that will never change, but it doesn’t mean I’ll ignore when it happens!) Of course for this one, I’m just pleased as punch the issue is getting three weeks of air time. There’s also the potential for lots of follow up if he doesn’t pull things into compliance on time.

Finally, it’s not just me any more. Another popular blogger is acknowledging the story as well.


  1. Cityof BrookfieldTaxpayer says:

    Jeff, What kind of assistance, loan or otherwise, am I going get with my water main assessment ?

  2. Umnnnh….it is apparent that Speaker was hustled by a realtor. And now he’s in quite deep.

    As to the water main: IIRC, you get a 10-year repayment schedule at muni-bond rates.

  3. Poor little Jeffy, being taken advantage of by a big bad realtor. He’s always been in deep, Dad29. Take off those rose-colored glasses my friend.

    I smell a bankruptcy in little Jeffy’s future.

  4. Dan, in all do fairness, maybe Speaker should have done a similar poll of the tenants before he bought this goldmine.

    This isn’t about Jeff Speaker who wants to hold a neighborhood barbecue. This is Jeff Speaker, Mayor of the City of Brookfield who can’t manage too keep a building to the City of Milwaukee’s standards.

  5. Flooded in Brookfield says:

    I heard that someone was going to offer to bus some of these folks to his office @ City Hall!

  6. Here are some observations I’d like to make:
    1. It shows his lack of judgement and business acumen to have bought a rental property in an area where many of the tenants are sure to ruin the property and not pay the rent on time.
    2. It shows how he thinks…the taxpayers should cover all his decisions, both in Brookfield and in Milwaukee.
    3. He no doubt bought this property cheap if it was in foreclosure, and he knew the condition of it at the time. To blame the previous owner is so disingenuous and typical of him.
    4. With any luck, this will expose his lack of any experience that qualifies him to be the mayor of any city. He should go back on the beat!

    I’d like to observe that one of my daughters and sons-in-law rented out their duplex on Green Bay and Silver Spring about 12-15 years ago. The house was immaculate to start, and every tenant wrecked the place. The last tenant destroyed it so bad and when my daughter told her she’d have to move, she threatened to kill my daughter. My daughter called the cops and they told the woman she better move right away. She did and then sued my daughter for her security and one month’s rent. My daughter paid her just to be rid of her even though there was over $2000 damage (material cost w/o labor) to the flat. They then sold it at a huge loss just to be rid of the problems. I wouldn’t be a landlord anywhere let alone the inner city. Before you call me racist, take a drive through the filthy neighborhoods!

  7. Grant, those are pretty reasonable observations. I know he was proud of the property when he first bought because he bragged about it to Lisa Sink from the MJS who told me. I think it all goes back to his lack of foresight. But then Brookfield is living proof that he lacks foresight.