John McCain offers condolences on the passing of Tim Russert

ARLINGTON, VA — U.S. Senator John McCain today issued the following statement on the sudden and tragic passing of Tim Russert:

“I am very saddened by Tim Russert’s sudden death. Cindy and I extend our thoughts and prayers to the Russert family as they cope with this shocking loss and remember the life and legacy of a loving father, husband and the preeminent political journalist of his generation. He was truly a great American who loved his family, his friends, his Buffalo Bills, and everything about politics and America. He was just a terrific guy. I was proud to call him a friend, and in the coming days, we will pay tribute to a life whose contributions to us all will long endure.”


  1. Dave Frank says:

    A very sad day indeed. You can watch Tom Brokaw deliver the news on this link. He barely got through it.

  2. Cindy, how did McCain know you extend your thoughts and prayers to the Russert family? If my memory serves me correct, he was a big Bill Clinton supporter and I never liked him, but it’s sad that a person dies at a young age.

    Of a sadder and more touching note, a toddler fell into the Milwaukee River and her young sister jumped in to save her and they both drowned. Much sadder than Russert’s death in spite of all the bloviating accolades for him. One must ask…
    where were the parents?

  3. It’s kinda sick when someone passes away and one still manages to turn it into a political sundering.

    Russert, while I often disagreed with him, had a sharp mind–and often asked tough questions. The questions we wish we could ask our leaders.

    He will be remembered as a level-headed, focused, man of integrity. Tim, we will miss you.

  4. You know, Shawn, Obama got a video clip out of the deal.

  5. I was talking about Grant, Cindy. Nice try. Nice try.

  6. Shawn, I only said that I didn’t care for him and the reason for that. Why is that political sundering? The way the media types are carrying on, you’d think someone really important died. He was just another man…one of many who died that day…and probably not the “best” man among them. I am still entitled to my opinion in the U.S. until you lefties take over!

  7. I didn’t say you weren’t entitled to an opinion. That being said, Russert’s contributions to journalism are undeniable. Sure he wasn’t “the best,” but that doesn’t mean we can’t honor him instead of marking our dislike for him.

    I guess I just respect a man who gave his life to journalism.

  8. Why do you object to me stating that I didn’t like him? I’m not objecting to you sticking up for him? Why don’t you say you respect the soldiers who give their lives to protect you? Russert and his job were just routine.

  9. I do respect our soldier but that wasn’t the discussion. When have I ever said “Poor soldier died today, but i’m sure he wasn’t even one of the best to die that day.”

    It’s called respect for those who have passed away, and now i am done.

  10. Respect for those who have passed away? You do know that the wicked and evil die as well as the good don’t you? My point is that the true heroes are dying largely unnoticed except by those close to them while celebrities receive accolades that may far surpass any that are reasonable. It’s a matter of perspective!