Babble on Brookfield: Percheron Square

We heard on Friday that Vincent Sahib had withdrawn his plan for Percheron Square from the City of Brookfield Common Council agenda for Tuesday night. He’s calling the neighborhood pretty much daily to tell them about the wonderful news he’ll be bringing forward soon. Except, of course, there’s no new statement yet on this Planned Development District at Bluemound and Calhoun. Yes, it’s true, the development is in the name of his son’s company, but the word is Vince keeps calling, not Ajay.

Surprisingly, the neighborhood doesn’t seem to mind the extra density the developer is requesting. Neither do they mind that construction will be drawn out in parts for several years. In fact, from what I’m hearing, the leadership of the neighborhood group is offering no opposition whatsoever.

Fine by me! It’s way over there on the other side of town, so it’s their problem, right? And all of that wonderful new construction will lower my taxes by increasing the tax base. After all, the city is already spending millions on new roads and a new fire station to support development that isn’t even close to happening yet. And development always saves a community money.*

There are two things that still bother me, and they’re transportation related. One is how a more dense project than what’s already planned is a slam dunk for a new I-94 interchange at Calhoun. The other is that residents of Golf Parkway will undoubtedly see that road go through to Brookfield Square. Both changes mean even more headaches for the neighborhood.

No, it’s absolutely not my problem. Except to get to US Bank, I’m never in that direction. I can get to K-Mart from Brookfield Road or head to WalMart in Pewaukee or Target at 124th and Capitol. (Speaking of 124th and Capitol, a little birdie told me that old Jewel/Osco is the next most likely spot for an Aldi’s. WooHoo!) I’ve never been one to shop at Brookfield Square, so I don’t see any reason to start now. No, that half of Brookfield can pretty much disappear for me as long as they’re paying into the coffers.

I’m just surprised as heck that it doesn’t matter to the residents on the south side of the city, though. Maybe they’re just so black and blue from city hall’s abuse that they don’t care about anything anymore.

*Not! When’s the last time your taxes went down?


  1. Dave Frank says:

    I am confused. It looked like this thing was all but done and now they pull the plug? Are they getting cold feet about the development or is there really something new here?