So voter ID is required in Elmbrook, but not Wisconsin

The Elmbrook annual meeting is next Monday (no, the district doesn’t really care if you show up, so they’re much delayed in letting you know.) Here’s what caught my eye from the notice:

To vote on the tax levy, proof of residency is required and must be presented at registration. A valid Wisconsin driver’s license is one form of acceptable proof.

So the Elmbrook School District demands proof of residency, but that’s not required if you vote for anything else around here.

No agenda is currently being offered by the school district. And of course, voting the tax levy is a formality as the board has changed the budget after the vote for the last couple of years in a row. Between the $62.2 million referendum and the hefty reserves the district is holding, they can spend to their heart’s content.

At last year’s annual meeting Assistant Superintendent of Finance Bob Borsch refused to divulge the post-retirement benefit burden that Elmbrook has to account for with GASB Statement 45. The number finally reported? $80,748,000. That goes to the books July 1, 2008 if my notes are correct.

Hey, it’s only your money. The school board does kind of resemble drunken sailors if you look closely. Expect them to whistle the perennial “we have such a tight budget” tune as they dance before the electorate.

Who probably won’t bother to show up.


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