A quick goodbye

Nope, not me this time. Greg Kowalski, the blogger that made waves on FranklinNOW.com, popped up his decision to leave the CNI site in the last couple of days.

Today he’s disappeared completely.

I remember when I chose to leave the confines of the Journal Communications oversight. I had to beg to get the site removed! Hmmmm… (sorry, that’s kind of an inside joke), maybe something else is going on.

Anyway, you can find Greg and his news on Franklin and other Metro Development at Metro Milwaukee Today. With any luck BlogNetNews will get everything set up properly soon and you can read him on that feed.

He’s had remarkable success for such a young whippersnapper. I wish him the best in his new digs.


  1. You can also find Greg over at Blogging Blue.

  2. Thanks Cindy for the kind words! I don’t think I’ve been called a young whippersnapper in YEARS. I’m flattered, to say the least.

    Zach is also correct, I have joined Blogging Blue as a guest contributor when Democratic issues come to light. Naturally, I am doing this and taking note to not to offend any of my Republican friends, of course. 🙂

  3. In regards to my NOW treatment, I did post this entry: http://www.metromilwaukeetoday.com/main/2008/06/thanks-to-fello.html