Planning your weekend

Tonight at 6:30 p.m. is the first Wilson Center Starry Nights concert. They are featuring their new Jazz Orchestra. I’m not sure about the band, but if the weather is fine, these concerts are usually a pleasant excuse for a picnic.

The weather looks a little unpredictable with storms forecasted through the weekend. Tomorrow morning will have me at Farmer’s Market on Brookfield’s City Hall plaza. I’m out of beef, so I just made an order from Ney’s. (10 hand-sized well-trimmed sirloin steaks, 5 packages of 1/4 hamburger patties, a flank steak, and a brisket. The flank is for fajitas, brisket to barbecue, and our new family favorite is two of the slender patties around a hunk of goat cheese tossed on the grill. The steaks are very reliable and really yummy with Ney’s seasoning.)

For the afternoon I’m trucking teens to the Jack Johnson concert at Alpine Valley. Yes, I know, I’m a really nice mom. But the truth is I wasn’t wild about her driving it alone, so it’s really more for my peace of mind.

I don’t see anything for Sunday. Comment below if you’ve got something worth doing. If the weather holds, it may be time for a trip to the Boerner Botanical Gardens with my camera. The peonies are in bloom, and probably the roses.