Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker continues to squirm under scrutiny

Fairly Conservative broke the news that Speaker used city hall for his business address on May 21st.

From GM Today:

City ethics codes prohibit any city employee from using city resources for personal gain.

“I don’t think I did,” Speaker said in response to a question about whether he put the address on any documents. “It got there somehow, and that’s the point, right?”


  1. It awful that politicians just deny, deny, deny any allegations of wrongdoing…and they get away with it! Our justice system doesn’t work at all. If you’re a poor minority, you’re doing time; but it you have lots of money to hire a shameless, shyster defense firm, you can get away with almost anything. Look at the billions of dollars stolen by the corporate crooks, or the murder committed by O.J. if you think I’m wrong.

  2. “I don’t think I did”??

    Good grief, Cindy! If any of us would say something like that I think the world would automatically presume us guilty.

    For someone to simply “not remember” like that…talk about convenience.

  3. You know, a curious individual could make an open records request for the the forms from which the computer material was entered. His handwriting is somewhat distinctive. Then one could determine if he’s lying – again.

    I’m also curious about the phone numbers used in the info page. I wonder if one of them is his city issued cell-phone number.