Where in the world is Jeff Speaker?

Miami, Florida at the U.S. Conference of Mayors. He goes every year on a taxpayer-funded junket. He usually takes his wife and her two daughters. Last year was a family outing to California.

Tonight the Mayor will be listening to Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama. There are scheduled evening events and spouse/guest activities.

Speaker once said he went to these things to talk to other mayors – like the ones from Wauwatosa and New Berlin.

Lunch at Heinemann’s anyone? I’d be fine with springing for that.


From Brookfield City News July 13, 2007:

The expense report is in

Below are the details for Mayor Jeff Speaker’s trip to Los Angeles in June. He did take a few people with him. We only paid for his airfare – a bargain at $268.71. Also reported were five nights at the host hotel – $256.71 each night. Not bad.

Here’s what the mayor was up to for a few days. I wonder if the Mayor screams on roller coasters? An evening with his companions at Universal Studios was included.

Here’s what the wife and her daughters were doing. Uh-huh. Rodeo Drive, folks.

We do have the 3rd highest paid mayor in Wisconsin. Numbers one and two from Milwaukee and Madison weren’t registered according to the Web site. Speaker was hanging with heavy-weights like the mayors from New Berlin and Wauwatosa. Call me stupid, but wouldn’t it be easier to meet at George Webb’s or something?

Registration seems to be fixed regardless of who all showed up. (I’m willing to be corrected here. I looked for a half hour and couldn’t find anything to think otherwise.) That fee for early registration was $700. Total expense claim – $2,271.60.

There’s one thing that really, really, bothers me. Speaker approved his own reimbursement.

It must be good to be king.