Support Barack Obama with Leslie and Terri this Saturday

Barack Obama is holding a few house parties. In Brookfield you’ve got a place here.

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  1. waukesha mom says:

    Though, Obama isn’t actually having anything to do with the party.

    “we hope you’ll join us at our home for a small, casual meeting to get to know one of the local organizers for Barack Obama and hear what the campaign is up to in our area”

  2. True. Funny, but I got a call from the Obama campaign yesterday asking if I would host one, too.

    I said my husband wouldn’t let me.

  3. I am going to love it when people with money have to pay the higher taxes that will return with Obama as prez! It’s hard to believe that privileged, educated people are so naive when it comes to our Constitution and politics. I wonder if Terri and Leslie will welcome van loads of inner city folks into their homes?

  4. Shawn is bringing the pasta salad

  5. Shawn Matson says:

    Leapin, the sour grapes you always bring were fabulous, i’m hoping we’ll see them again.

  6. Grant, is there something wrong with “inner city folks?”

    Is it the color of their skin?

  7. Conclude whatever you like! It was a question worthy of asking these suburban folks that probably never do anything to actually help their fellow man. Let a socialist government do it is their credo in most cases from my experience.

  8. Kathryn says:

    Grant, I believe you are mistaken. Americans, in general, are very generous. Europeans may let the government take care of it (no personal experience there, just news accounts,) but Americans give left and right.

  9. Kathryn you are wrong! If you take the total giving by individuals and compare it to total income you would find that the percentage is small. I was the financial secretary for my church and I know that the giving is generally far from the tithe that could be expected. Do some research and then consider what God would say…not what we say or how we compare to others.

  10. I’ve info to add to this discussion next week. There are interesting points to consider.

  11. BrkfldDad says:

    Well said, you are more than correct and generousity evidences itself in time and talent, not just treasure. While I’d agree with the assertion the left leanng believe in bigger government, I can’t see how the big brush gets extrapolated here based on hosting a Obama party.

  12. Shawn Matson says:

    Since the only giving that ever occurs is documented through a financial office in a church, i’m sure you’d know Grant.

  13. I have to agree with Shawn here. I belong to the same church, I give 10% gross earnings but only half of that goes through the church records.

  14. Kathryn says:

    Grant, I see your point about tithing and I’m sure you are correct that many of us don’t do it, but that wasn’t where the conversation began. You were speculating on whether Democrats give (privately) to their fellow man.

    I’m with Stimpy. I don’t put all my eggs in one basket.

    When I was in Jr. High, my allowance was $2, and I gave half of it to my church every week. Later I discovered that the NCC had given humanitarian aid to the Khmer Rouge in the amount of $50-roughly everything I had donated that year. I was fit to be tied!

    While I have matured enough to realize mistakes can be made without damning the whole organization–and perhaps even Pol Pot deserved a band-aid–I will never again place all of my donations with a single organization.

  15. Kathryn, you might find this information interesting. Those of you breaking your arms patting yourself on the back are certainly to be congratulated if you are truly charitable.

    Remember to think of the percentage of income that is given. No doubt the U.S. citizens are more charitable than any other country’s, but we still generally give from our excess rather than giving our “first fruits”. Disagree is you like, but I’m convinced it’s true. The super rich are misers and it’s laughable what they give. When one gives a billion from a fortune of 40 billion, it’s like giving nothing. Sacrificial giving is what is meaningful to God.

    For Shawn’s benefit, I do only support Christian causes but not necessarily through my church. Bear in mind I’m not talking about individual cases…I’m speaking of society as a whole.

  16. Kathryn says:

    Grant, those are interesting links. Thank you.

    The second one was informative. The first, Ms Jennings, was opinionated, but I like her conclusion very much: “Give the money, a decent sum, and keep quiet.” Words fitly spoken.