In a mailbox near you…

Ed Garvey from Fighting Bob nails the political significance of June 30th in Wisconsin.

The message is, “We have a (insert one) critical, crucial, important, election-deciding deadline coming up on June 30.” Give $500, $250, $100–hell, I’ll take five bucks. Why is June 30 crucial/critical/key to success? I’m not making this up. On June 30, financial disclosure reports are due. The candidates would have you believe this report is critical because “that’s when political observers (called consultants) and the media will look at our financial strength and decide if we can win.”


  1. Of course they can win. It’s down to 2 people. Them vs. McCain. One of the 2 has to win. And apparently it’s the one with the most money that wins. B.O. will have a 3-1 advantage. Yes, they can win.