Unadulterated plagiarism continues at NOW sites

For being a “real” journalist, our friend Kevin Fischer sure must have missed those classes on plagiarism. Ok, I suppose there’s a chance he’s just lazy, or arrogant – you can fill in the blank with your favorite Fischer description – but for whatever reason he continues to print entire pieces of other’s work. Sure he lets you know there was another author, but reprinting whole article is definitely outside anyone’s rules on fair use.

His latest bumble is the promise to produce a “series” that was conveniently pre-published by The Heritage Foundation. Written by Dinesh D’Souza, you can find Mr. Fischer’s What’s Great about America series from that site. And you get to read it all at once if you are interested.

Traditionally I would link to Mr. Fischer’s site as a courtesy since I’m talking about him. But since his professional journalistic integrity would not let Mr. Fischer link to the source of his important content, I guess I don’t have to link to him. He’ll pop off and call me jealous, etc., but I can assure you that I’m not terribly envious of a blogger that has a hard time writing whole paragraphs and has to steal his content. I’m perfectly happy producing my own drivel with the occasional typo.

What I can’t understand is why Journal Communications continues to support such blatant plagiarism on their NOW sites. Heck, even Charlie Sykes cleaned up his act after I first complained. Guess those professional journalists can do what they dang well please, but I sure think it tarnishes their image to continue to allow such double standards.


  1. Wow…how lazy a “journalist” do you have to be to plagiarize to such an extent?