Brookfield’s 4th of July Parade

UPDATE: Here are plans for 2010.

This Friday at 10:00 a.m. is the traditional parade down Calhoun and North. I had a brief e-mail exchange with Bill Kolstad, Brookfield’s Director of Parks, Recreation and Forestry this morning. He surprised me with the news that for the first time in a while Elmbrook will have a combined band marching under the leadership of Phil Rothschadl and Brian Balfany. The city has agreed to provide up to $500 to cover t-shirts for those marching.

Also in the parade will be the Badger Band. About 30 members will be performing. A $1700 stipend has been reserved for them. Not performing this is is the drill team from the Chicago area.

I got some great shots last year. Of course, my favorite Spartanette will be in the parade, too. Not sure where we’ll sit. We tend to mix it up year after year. Let me know if you have a favorite spot.


  1. I’m glad to see Elmbrook involved in the parade. Franklin almost lost their marching band, but residents stuck it to the high school and School Board and made it come back.

  2. BrkfldDad says:

    Yeah, but this is the first time I can remember them being in the parade. They always seemed to make the Memorial Day parade in Elm Grove, but not this. Rumor has it that it was because the band required a director (band teacher) and none of the teachers would organize the effort for July 4th, as it wasn’t part of the union contract, nor when school was still in session (like Memorial Day).

  3. The middle school bands often march, and I kind of think that’s what we have combined here. I just don’t recognize either name.

  4. BrkfldDad says:

    Rothschadl is the band leader at WHMS. You are probably right this is a middle school band. I was hoping for the high school band, oh well.

  5. Our middle school doesn’t have a marching band, which is rather unfortunate.

    The high school marching band was done by volunteers prior to this year, when the principal of the high school gave special attention to the parade and put the band director in charge.

    Otherwise it was parents and the drum majors.

  6. The Elmbrook Schools Marching Band that will be participating in the parade is a combined effort from all Middle and High Schools. There should be 100+ strong from all 4 schools combined. Hats off to Mr. Rothschadl and Mr. Balfany (WHMS band directors) for pulling this together – they deserve all the credit. However, immense pressure to get this done from both myself and school board member Glen Allgaier didn’t hurt. I hope you will join me in wildly supporting this group and all their efforts. I am so thrilled to see the return of our local talent. I hope momentum will build and we will see each school represented in the years to come. I plan to march along side them if allowed, next to my Alto Sax playing 7th grader.
    Lisa Mellone
    District 7 Alderperson

  7. Thanks so much for the full scoop, Lisa. And yes, your effort is greatly appreciated. I think it’s really important to try to keep this going year after year.