Just say no

The family gave up bottled water several months ago. Before we used it for car trips and after sports practice for the youngest, but now we’ve all found the right sized bottles for the car’s cup holders, and we fill it from the tap. Now I’ll admit we use a reverse osmosis system because Brookfield has a distinctive taste to their municipal water. (Trust me, no one will be paying extra for the privilege of tasting Brookfield tap water any time soon.) While the system uses a lot of water to process, at least we’re saving bottles from the recycling bin. We’re also saving money.

From The Washington Post:

As the wealthiest billion people on the planet increasingly turn to bottled water, moreover, the poorest billion have no little or access to clean water.

On its face, the bottled-water trade makes selling snow to Eskimos sound like a reasonable business proposition: Tons of carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere each year to produce and transport a product thousands of miles from Place A to Place B, when an identical product is already available in Place B in a form that is typically much cheaper, rigorously tested and sometimes safer. And afterward, millions of plastic bottles end up in landfills.

H/T The Political Environment