Union files grievance over volunteer effort

Baraboo, Wisconsin suffered terribly from the recent flooding. Last week, the Baraboo News Republic reported that the city worker’s union is filing a grievance. They want overtime pay because sandbags were filled by volunteers and firefighters instead of the city’s employees.

Although some public works employees were called out to sandbag, the majority were not, the grievance says. It does not specify how much money union workers are seeking or how many hours firefighters spent sandbagging.

Baraboo firefighters receive a flat payment for each incident they respond to.

“This is not the first time the fire department was allowed to usurp bargaining unit duties,” wrote Paul Negast, a union representative with the Wisconsin Professional Police Association’s Law Enforcement Employee Relations Division.

I grew up in a union household, and the workers in Brookfield know that I’ve supported their efforts on a number of fronts in the past. But, at the risk of sounding like my mother, if I EVER heard of such goofiness here I’d send them to the woodshed.

H/T Badger Blog Alliance.